Thursday, March 12, 2015

Protection During Travel

Red or orange bag
Piece of paper
Amethyst (protection)
Tiger's Eye (protection)
Citrine (success on endeavour)
Dragon's Blood
Burn Dragon's Blood as you draw Raidho onto slip of paper and them add everything into pouch.
Hold pouch and say thrice: "Goddess and God aid me in my travels from ______ to _____"
Throw some ash of the Dragon's Blood into the pouch before sealing it up.
Rub pouch and repeat chant anytime you feel necessary on trip.
I also throw in a piece of rose quartz to help me sleep when away from home.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Writing Your Own Spells

Writing your own spells can be a little tricky for those who have never done it before or even those who have tried to write some. It takes a lot of thought, research, and effort to write an effective, safe, and powerful spell. I have put together a guide and step-by-step process to help you along in the process of writing your own spells.

1. Determine the exact purpose of your spell.
A good spell deals only with the intended purpose. Leaving loose ends can leave room for magick to  wander and take its own course. Granted, it will always work in its own way to some degree.  So, it is best to leave as a little wiggle room as possible.

2. Determine the  method of spell casting that is most convenient and effective for you and the type of spell that you are planning to cast.
Some people prefer to work more with candles, some prefer cord magick, some prefer water magick such as the usage of rivers, streams, or creeks . I personally prefer to combine crystal, candle, herbal, and water magic when writing my spells. However, for some spells using strictly candle or strictly a water may be more appropriate and conducive toward the outcome of the spell.

3. Select your ingredients/ components for the spell.
In a good spell all your components must correspond to what you are trying to achieve. There is no such thing as too much research when it comes to picking out the supplies that you will be using. Ensure the incense being burnt corresponds or might even further your purpose as well as the herbal combination you use. Double check that they in fact work towards and not against what you want. I cannot tell you how many people have asked me why they're spells did not work and it turns out they used a combination of herbs that did not work towards but in fact banished what they wanted. Candle color is another thing that is extremely important. Unless you have been practicing for a very long time and know all of your color correspondence is down to the exact shade, you should be double checking what colors you want to use. When it comes to crystals not only the type of soon you want to use matters but he said as well. If you need to clear a rose quartz for spell, do not use smoky quartz. When it comes to cords or ribbons again watch what color you use as well as if it should be a certain width or length. When using runes, I should not have to tell you to watch your strokes and practice writing them before carving them into anything. A wrong angle or stroke can turn it into something completely different. If you notice a lot of the runes are very similar in the way they appear.

4. Determine your setting for the spell.
Many spells required optimum time of day, day of the week, or moon phase. I highly suggest checking on your astrological correspondences. In some rather extreme cases a certain spell may require an exact day with an exact time with the Sun or moon in an exact angle of an exact month. However, most of us do not feel like waiting a literal century to get that exact optimum moment. You will want to try to get as close as possible though. Full and New Moons are always good for nocturnal magic. Sabbats our little bit trickier. Also, in daytime magic you want the Sun to be at a certain point in the sky. Also is this going to be a spell that has to be performed outdoors, or can you do it inside? I personally prefer to do as much of my magickal working as I can outdoors. Some spells such as blessings for the home are of course to be done inside.

5. Incantations
How you word your incantations is so important I cannot stress it enough. I know some spells have very beautiful and long incantations but many of those can be very vague. I will say again how you need to have as little play room in your spells as possible. If you are not a huge poet you may prefer to just state your purpose. If you are a bit more gifted in writing versus then you may want to write a long beautiful incantation to be spoken during the casting. Just ensure that you say everything you need/ want to manifest and be as specific as possible about it. I always tend to have something to say with each action I do. "With this candle I..." "By burning these herbs I..." You may not like doing that.

Writing your own spells is not as hard as it seems when you take it step by step and plan with  in depth research. When you take this route you are also heighten your chances of having a more successful spell . Anyone who knows anything about magick, knows about it sometimes takes time for spells to work. There are things you can do to speed up the working of your spell, however, if you are just beginning to write and put together your own spells, I would suggest waiting in a little bit before trying to do those things . Spells are as unique as the people who write them do not feel bad if your's come out a bit different than those you are used to seeing you. I hope this was very informative and that your spell writing does absolutely wonderful. May the Goddess and God guide you as you craft your own magick and advance in knowledge.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Beltaine Ritual Outline

Pre Ritual
  • Clean your entire house and smudge it as well as the area where you will practicing outside. 
  • Do any baking that needs to be done. 
  • Gather supplies
  • Take a ritual bath
  1. Create Sacred Space
  2. Do devotional for, set up, and decorate your altar.
  3. Cast a Circle
  4. Call up the Quarters.
  5. Invoke the Goddess and God.
  6. Perform enactments, poems, songs, chants, artistic displays in honor of the Goddess and God. Because it is Beltaine, a time to celebrate the Goddess and God in their union.
  7. Raise energy with song, dance, and/ or instruments and do the Maypole ceremony if you are doing one.
  8. Do all magickal workings.
  9. Meditate by focusing on the union and love surrounding everything today. Think of fertile feilds and crops abounding.
  10. Thank the Goddess and God.
  11. Release the Quarters.
  12. Close the circle
  13. Feast
  14. Clean up
  15. Enjoy the rest of your day outside and with your friends.
On this day, I know this year it is a Wednesday, but try to throw a party or a gathering of friends.

Beltaine Ritual Bath

Today is a celebration of fertility and love . The herbs and fruits that you purify your body with should represent this as well. Here are a few things you can add to your morning bath in celebration of the holiday.

Squeeze fresh strawberries over the bath so some of the juice runs out. (only 2 or three so that you don't end up sticky when you get out and be sure to eat them so as not to be wasteful.)
Add a pinch of all spice
Add a pinch of cinnamon
Petals of a single rose

Beltaine Shopping/ Gathering List

Multicolored Ribbons
Spring colored clothes
Jars (to collect running water or morning dew off of grass)
Wine/ Juice
Decorations for the maypole (fruits, plants, flowers)
Yarn (to weave or crochet. today is a great day for crafting)
Foods: Dairy products esp. vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits, oatmeal cakes

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Promoting Peace and Serenity at Work

There are several things you can do to promote peace and serenity where you work, all depending on what kind of job you have. The chant is universal but having some things could be limited. I made the chant very short and simple, easy to remember but still as potent as any long one. It can be recited every day when you walk in or just once a week. That is all up to you. I broke it up into two categories after the chant: Desk Jobs and Footwork Jobs.


Let no negative energies fill this place.
With love, light, and peace cleanse this space.
Frustration and hatred dare not enter.
Let serenity dance without the banter.
I ask the Goddess and God to watch from above.
Guide this ship under the symbol of the dove. 

Desk Jobs:
  • Have a picture(s) of blue birds or the sea, very calming images. Aesthetics are a lot more powerful than people give them credit for being
  • Keep a bowl on your desk with oranges and other citrus fruits for good luck.
  • Have a blue dish filled with potpourri in it. I came up with a special blend that would be perfect for creating the right atmosphere. (Obviously all these ingredients would need to be dried ahead of time. I prefer to go out and dry them myself but if these plants are not indigenous where you live, you could always go out and buy them or order them online.):
      • Gardenia petals
      • Magnolia leaves or petals
      • Lilac petals
      • Orange peel strips
      • Cinnamon sticks(halved)
      • Frankincense powdered (crush incense sticks or by the incense meant for charcoal disks)
      • Lavender oil

Footwork Jobs:

If you are a waitress or hostess or retail worker or anything like that you probably cant carry around a dish of potpourri with you, however, you can carry around a small one- one and a half inch pouch.

Blue felt
Very thin yellow ribbon or yellow yarn
Yellow paint pen or the Squeezy tube paint (that stuff that comes with kids crafts usually)
Lavender (dried or seeds)
Magnolia leaves or petals (chopped up tiny)
Orange peelings
Cinnamon stick (cut piece no bigger than half an inch)
Frankincense powdered (crush incense sticks or by the incense meant for charcoal disks)

1. Cut two squares out of the felt about 2" wide.
2.Take paint pen/ squeezy paint and  on one square draw Dagaz, on the other draw Ehwaz.
3. Sew three of the sides shut, runes facing out.
4. Put about a pinch of everything in
5.  Sew last side up.
5. Say chant holding it whenever desired.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pentacles Of Pride

Okay, I know this may at first seem a little bit excessive just to tell you about someone else, but I am strongly for this cause. (No they aren't paying me.) They are a group who want to help the world by spreading the love and light of the Goddess and God to all those who wish to seek it. They give out free pentacles to all who ask. You can donate to their cause and help them on their quest, enabling them to give more, to many of who are unable to attain their own, or even request one yourself. They are an incredible group, please help them if you can. Even if you don't, check them out. Pentacles of Pride

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Imbolgc Ritual Outline

Pre Ritual
  • Clean your entire house and smudge it.
  • Get rid of everything old and broken from the last year that is just laying around. 
  • Do any baking that needs to be done. 
  • Gather supplies
  • Take a ritual bath
  1. Create Sacred Space
  2. Do devotional for, set up, and decorate your altar.
  3. Cast a Circle
  4. Call up the Quarters.
  5. Invoke the Goddess and God.
  6. Perform enactments, poems, songs, chants, artistic displays in honor of the Goddess and God. Because it is Imbolgc, it is time to go way artsy.
  7. Raise energy with song, dance, and/ or instruments.
  8. Do all magickal workings.
  9. Meditate by focusing on everything you want to accomplish by Ostara.
  10. Thank the Goddess and God.
  11. Release the Quarters.
  12. Close the circle
  13. Feast
  14. Clean up
  15. Enjoy the rest of your day
Try to include your children in this ceremony especially. Let them learn and enjoy themselves while doing it.

Imbolgc Ritual Bath

This is just a few ingredients to make a wonderfully energizing bath for Imbolgc, It is a very simple recipe. I hope you enjoy.

Fresh blackberries
Epsom salts/Sea salt

Sprinkle desired amount of salt(s) onto the bottom of the tub. Run the water. As it runs, squeeze out the juice of half the blackberries you will be using and throw them all in. Sprinkle lavender, rosemary, and chamomile into the bath and let the bath fill do the desired depth. Soak in it.

*Try to get actual potted plants for these.

Imbolgc Shopping List

Well, I am so incredibly sorry I have not posted anything since October. I've been crazy busy and I started a video blog if you did not know. But today I buckled down and took time to write some stuff up for Imbolgc. Here is a quick basic shopping list to guide you that can double as a suggestion of materials to include in your celebration.

Candles- Imbolgc is often called The Witch's Festival of Lights. Get lots of candles. If you are a jewelry maker or a craft worker you could even try to make a crown of lights (often worn by the High Priestess but if you are a solitary practitioner like me, you can do and wear as you please).
Incense- Incense is a key factor in any ritual but the scents for this holiday are Musk, Cinnamon, Frankincense, and Rosemary.
Foods- Foods always play a major roll in every ceremony. They are needed for both libations and the feast. If you are like me you love to cook. So when preparing for the feast try to include the following: dairy products, spicy foods, curry, peppers, onions, leeks (I love potato leek soup), shallots, garlic, chives, raisins.
Drink- Drinks are almost just as important as the food. If you are of age, then drink spiced wine. If you are not of age like me, drink tea. There are several different types of tea to choose from for this holiday. Here are the best tasting and most easily accessible of them: Peppermint, Vervain, Chamomile (goes with everything), Rosemary, Anise, Lavender, and Blackberry.
Cleaning Products- Imbolgc is a time for cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new.
Decor- The thing to consider when looking for decorations for your house or altar or even special clothing or jewelry to adorn your body with is colors. Spring is coming so deck out in white, lavendar, yellow, and orange. It is not quite time for the bold bright colors but the softer pastels that border warm and cool.

I hope you enjoyed reading thins and if you have any questions, you can DM me on twitter or leave a comment.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Proud To Be Pagan

I love who I love
And that is the Goddess
I believe in the God
And also love him dearly
I worship them both
I cast spells in their name
I ask both for help in need
I am a Wiccan
And proud to be pagan.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spell to Protect a Travelling Friend

At the moment I wrote this a person asked me to write a spell for their friend who is evacuating from a hurricane and I said of course I would. It would really work for any sort of travelling.

Yellow Candle (not in glass)
Anise Oil
Cedar Incense
Cinnamon Crushed
Cloves Crushed
Sage Ground

Carve Raidho Into one side of the candle very large.
On the other side, carve the person's name.
Rub the oil over the entire candle, ensure it gets in those creases.
Carefully push the spices into the figures you carved on the camera so they are popping out it seems. Brush away any excess surrounding your carvings.
Sit as if you were about to meditate before the candle.
Light the candle and close your eyes.
Envision that person happy, smiling, and most importantly safe. Focus on their face.
When ready say:

Goddess and God hear my cry
I fear for _(Name of person)_
Please watch them in their travels.
With this flame as their spirit,
Coat them as I have this candle
With protection in their travels.

Sit and meditate for a little while on peace and ease enveloping them.
Snuff candle.
Clean up.

Note: If you want to take things a step further and know ahead of time that they are going travelling put a few dried bits of the burned candle wax into a velvet pouch as well as a few extra pinches of the spices and draw Raidho onto the pouch.

Chant to Invoke/ Honor the Goddess

I am the leaves that fall around you
I am the grass beneath your feet.
I am the Moon who shines in the dark.
I am the Great Mother of all life.

I am the eyes of a doting mother.
I am the comfort of a hug.
I am what fills you when you are down.
I am the Great Mother of love.

I am the force behind a spell.
I am the wind that makes the rain sting as it purifies.
I am a ruler's weapon.
I am the Great Mother of power.

I am the Great Mother of all life.
I am the Great Mother of love.
I am the Great Mother of power.
I am the Great Goddess.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spell to Heal a Friend/ Loved One

This spell for your friend or loved one is very sick and needs strength and healing. This spell is great because you do not have to be near the person to do this for them. You do not have to do this spell inside of a circle, in fact, that may make it a little more challenging. Please remember to never cast magick on a person unless you have their permission.


A freezer
A censer (or something to burn paper in)
A large white candle
Black pen
Black Paper
White paper

Light the candle.
Take the black pen and write down everything your friend/ loved one is going through on the black piece of paper.
Put this piece of paper in the freezer and say:

(Name of person here)
I beg the Goddess and God
to heal your bod'
And restore you to peace.
With this black paper I freeze
filled with  (Person's name)'s sickness
Thus it all shall it all pass.

Take a moment to meditate, visualizing the sickness vanishing from that person.
Pull out the white paper and hold it  between your index finger and thumb on both hands.
Send healing and joyous energy into it. Feel it flow from your body into the paper.
Set fire to the edge of the paper and place it into your censer (or whatever you are burning in).
As it burns watch the energy leave it and flow straight to the person who needs the healing and say:

With this white paper I burn
I cause positive energy
in your life to occur.
Love, light, and healing o'plenty
I do send to thee (Person's Name)
So mote it be!

Put out the candle.
Clean up.
Light the candle every night and meditate on that person healing before it for just a few minutes.

I pray to the Goddess and God that if you are using this spell they aid you with extra energy. Many blessing and I hope for the best for you and your loved one/ friend. Blessed be. ) O (

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Short Esbat Ritual With Burning Optional

This is a ritual for those who have to keep their religion hidden. It takes minimal time and requires nothing that would arouse suspicion. This ritual is actually really easy and you can use the Substitutions for Teens If you can't burn anything because you don't want to cause curiousity by burning a lot of candles or incense. This ritual can take as little as 30 minutes, maybe even less, it all depends on the amount of magick you wish to perform. Clean entire house before hand. If your parents or friends ask why you suddenly felt like doing a sweep through just say you needed a change and the dirt was affecting your mood.

Take Ritual Bath
Create Sacred Space
Instant Circle*
Calling of the Quarters
Invoke the Goddess and God with chants and poems that the ending can lead right into raising energy, Making a smooth transition and cutting out time
Go to a window where you can sit and see the Full Moon, suddenly remember to take out the dog or trash. Try to come up with some excuse if necessary to go outside or if who you live with doesn't care just walk out and stare at the Moon for a few minutes. Absorb Her energy. Bask in the beauty if only for a moment. This can be done at any point and does not have to be done during the circle, however during this point in the circle remember how it felt and feel that power again.
Meditate for 3-5 minutes.
Libations here if possible.
Magick workings.
Thanks to Goddess and God
Release Quarters
Eat a pack of crackers and drink a juice or if you can, cakes and wine.
Clean up.

*Instant Circle is by Fiona Horne. It is excellent and a great thing to do when in a pinch. I scanned the pages here for you

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Esbat Ritual

This is my standard Esbat ritual. I highly suggest, if you don't have one already, make a few moon charts, at least for the next 6 cycles. This is my personal ritual.

Clean house
Gather Materials
Take Esbat Ritual Bath
Do a devotional for and decorate the altar
Cast Circle
Call Quarters
Invoke the Goddess and God
Raise energy
Draw Down Moon
Spell Casting
Thanks to Goddess and God
Close Quarters
Release Circle
Grounding and Feasting
Clean up

Esbat Ritual Bath

I use tea bags to bathe... you can use the actual herbs. The dependant ingrediant is the extra herb that depends on the type of moon.

Frankincense oil
Dependent herb
Epsom salts/ Sea salt

Sprinkle salt(s) into bath.
Run water til it reaches about 2 inches in depth.
Add tea/ herbs to bath.
Fill up tub to desired depth
Soak in it and drink any tea of your choice

As with all ritual baths, I suggest a shower before hand, or you will just be soaking in filth.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Samhain Ritual


Clean entire house
Attain Supplies


Dress in appropriate colors
Do any baking or preparing necessary
Create Sacred Space
Do devotional for, set up, and decorate the altar
Cast Circle
Call Quarters
Invoke Goddess and God
Perform enactments, poems, songs, or chants to honor the God*
Raise Energy
Magick workings
Thank Goddess and God
Release Quarters
Close Circle
Clean up
Change into costume
Set up for trick-o-treaters
Enjoy rest of night

*I will be performing my chant that will lead me directly into the raising energy by repeating the last line

Samhain Shopping List

Food: Apples, pomegranates, pumpkins, squash, beets, turnips, corn, nuts, meat, oranges, or any of these
Drinks: Cider, Juice
Herbs: Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, rose petals, patchouli, sandalwood
Flowers: marigolds, chrysanthemums, black roses, and any other flowers with appropriately themed colors
Decorations: Do anything fun, accentuate with the colors black, orange and red.

Samhain Ritual Bath

Cinnamon Stick
Epsom Salts/ Sea Salt

Sprinkle salt(s) on bath floor.
Run water.
Allow to fill two inches deep before adding the rest of the ingredients. 
Fill tub the rest of the way until the desired depth.

Samhain God Chant

You depart this night into death
Though will be reborn soon.
The Great Mother mourns Your passing
But looks happily to your future coming.
I lament Your fading with respect and love.
I honor You this night Great God..
Darkness presides but light approaches
Neither death nor darkness remain forever.
All are reborn within the eternal cycle.
All are reborn within the eternal cycle.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


There are many different paths to the art of divination. You can scry, use Tarot cards, read palms, analyze dreams, and many other things. This post is only going to touch on the art of scrying. There are many different tools and techniques varying from person to person. The basic steps are the same with almost every tool.

First sit before the tool and meditate for a while until you feel yourself drifting off (not to sleep), your eyesight blurring.
Look upon the tool and allow images to form, don't force them. Watch the images dance and play.
Write down what you saw into your Divination Journal.
Decipher the symbols and record your results.


Bowl of Pure Water: I use a black bowl or a crystal bowl. I usually also try to only use water to scry under the moon with Moonwater , to amplify my abilities. 
Black Mirrors: Quick and easy tip out of a book I once read is to get a picture frame and a can of black spray paint with a shine finish. Spray the glass, let it dry,and set it back into the frame. 
Flame: try to use a candle with a larger flame or a fireplace works.
Incense: Use incense to promote psychic powers.
Crystal Ball: I have never used this tool. You have to buy one to use it.
Other ways: Living bodies of water are great. Watch leaves, the way the fall, blow, the colors that fall.

Note: Before scrying I usually take a good wiff of my Magick Jar and occasionally cast a circle.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Elder" Futhark Runes

These are your most common runes. They are everywhere. I posted a few scans of my BoS and a few google pictures because I know my handwriting isn't the best.

Using them: Some people use them in divination. I am not going to lie to you and tell you I understand of the manners. There way i do it is by putting them all in a velvet bag and drawing out 3-5. I do however, use them in spells by carving the appropriate ones into candles, or stones or charms or anything. I also use them to bring forth whatever they can like Tiwaz for protection and strength. I have it carved very small in various places in my room. You can even make these symbols into jewelry if you are a jewelry maker. Carve them into amulets, necklace, bracelets.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Substitutions for Teens: Respecting the parents wishes while keeping the spells potency

These are a few things to do when you aren't allowed to have certain things in your room. I understand sometimes parents can be a little tough when it comes to some things, but you have to respect them and their wishes as well as you can. The Goddess and God understand, I guarantee it. Here is a few I can currently think of. If you want me too add more, leave a comment, tell me on twitter, or just do whatever.

Incense: Naturally colored feathers, potpuri scented to the needed incense, oil lamps are great.
Candles: Buy different colored light bulbs for a good lamp. They sell them in pretty much every color. Also if you cant have flames (Got this idea from my friend Sheldon who also has an amazing blog and recently started a vlog) you can use fire herbs such as cinnamon, cayenne, and cloves.
Athame: Your finger. The Goddess and God understand you can't keep a dagger in your room, ceremonial or not.
Censer: A large bowl with sand in it
AND:(Also courtesy of Sheldon) In many circumstances, you can call forth the elements from within. The God and Goddess have made you from all of the elements, why not use them if you cannot use a separate representation?
Earth: Your body, Feel the strength of your vessel
Air: Your breath, blow on the altar to summon air.
Water: Although gross, saliva is water.
Fire: This is the hardest one for many people, but you can call forth fire within, feel the passion of love, lust, etc.

Also check out my other two posts Witch On a Budget: A few tips to get what you need without breaking the bank to save some money and The Altar Hidden In Plain Sight to be able to have a permanent altar without anyone knowing.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Witch On A Budget: A few tips to get what you need without breaking the bank

Life doesn't always give us everything, especially money. This can make things a little harder because everything costs money. I am a college student, so I completely understand how that feels. Occult shops can be extremely expensive, and as much as I love supporting my fellow pagans, some things I just cant do, like pay 7$ for 50 sticks of incense whereas I can get 40 sticks of the same scent for 1$. Here is a breakdown of places where you can cut down most of you spending organized by item.

Incense and Oils 
These are tricky. I have charts and charts and charts of incense and oil meanings and usages, because when you are on a budget you have to learn to substitute. Buying foreign incense is not a necessity. Walmart has several types of the basic incense and oils. If you don't like Walmart, you can check out your local flea market. There is a website called Listia where you can basically get things for free by selling things and doing certain things to get these credits. You buy stuff with these credits and most of the time, the shipping is free. You can also use things like ebay, but never go above your budget and always mind the shipping. Another thing is there are ways to make them by yourself, but you would still need the herbs. Sometimes it is easier to make, others to buy.

From personal experience, if you were to buy these online, buy them only from ebay, amazon, or the brand's online shop. Walmart has loads of candles and so do flea markets. Boutiques and small shops usually have absolutely amazing sales. Their products are normally really high, but when they go on sale the prices become incredible. Always look for sales. Be aware of your town/ city festivals. They have vendors who have really cheap, homemade candles that smell great. I am not skilled in the art but there are people who say it is cheaper to make a lot of your candle needs all at once, if you are talented in that aspect, go for it.

For beautiful stones, if you live near a lake or river, just go out there and you will find tons! You might find many in woods. If not, you will have to buy them. I Bought most of mine at these little town fairs alot of places have, or gift shops. Dirt/ sand/ even salt works great for earth too.

If you do not have a nice greenhouse shop with really inexpensive products, I suggest you start a garden. It is the least expensive thing to do, though it takes a little more work.

These cost a little bit more. If you have a kindle or a nook, you are a little bit better off  when it comes to buying these. However, if you are a person who likes the feel of flipping a page its a little different. Check out second hand stores before hitting the bookstore. Just because they are used, doesn't mean it will take away from its knowledge. Here again you can also use ebay or amazon. Next check the bookstores like Books A Million or Barnes and Nobles. They usually have fantastic deals. (Thank Goddess because I usually splurge in the journal section, I love collecting them.) Lastly, if you see a book in Occult shops that calls to you, that you haven't seen anywhere else and your wallet permits, go ahead and get it. 

This you will probably have to spend quite a bit on. SAVE UP. Don't just splurge money on this if it will keep you from paying your bills. You can get it in Occult shops or on ebay or etsy. 

Go walking through the woods one day, praying to find one , and you will. Invest in some sandpaper and shoe polish. If you have good wire, like the wire inside ribbons, and a good crystal, you can add that to the tip.

Last Thing
If you do not live near a lake, river, ocean, pond, stream, or any other living body of water, I suggest you invest in a water filtration system. It is cutting back on the amount of plastic you use and gives you cleaner water to make pure water or moon water with. 

This is just the tip of saving money as a Witch. Always check your finances and make sure you can afford to pay for it and your bills before buying anything.I hope this has brought you useful information to incorporate into your life. Blessed be. 

The Witch's Basic Supply List

If you are new to Wicca/ Paganism (I know more than Wiccans read my blog, and I love you all just as much <3.) take this moment right now to go get some paper and a pen. Now, lets continue. These are the basic necessities, there will be more things you will need for spells.

Candles: Get white first then worry about the rest of the colors (white can be used as any color and for a long time I had only tea candles to use).
Libations Dish
Stones: Get Quartz if you get nothing else.
Scrying tool
An Altar

Prayer Spell For A Friend

This is a spell for when a friend is in need of help. NEVER CAST A SPELL OR DO ANY RITUAL FOR OR TO A PERSON WHO HAS NOT GIVEN YOU PERMISSION. This is the basic layout. You will have to do the research to figure out what type of incense to bring the circumstance needed and what color candle to release the trouble they have you want to use dependent on what your friend is struggling with, if you know at all.



(I placed these on my altar, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I would recommend it.)
Light incense and candle.
Meditate on your friend being happy and carefree. If you know the issue picture it melting away like a wax wall before you. 
When ready say:

As this candle melts away, so too do their struggles. 
(If you know the issue state it here.)
Let the smoke of this incense travel to them.
Bring them comfort and happiness. 

Meditate a while longer on the refreshed being you wish them to be. 

Note: If you do not know the issue use a white candle and frankincense.

How to Make Libations

First we need to start by asking what are libations? Libations are the offering given for the Goddess and the God. They are usually bread or cakes you baked and wine (or if you are underage like me, juice). This is the way I do them. This is probably the easiest thing to write, I encourage you to try and write your own if you want to, feel free to use mine as a base though.

Special dish
2 pieces of bread/ cake/ some baked good
Wine/ Juice

Note:  Before the ritual purify the dish. Make sure it is a dish you will not need (or a dish your family wont notice if it disappears).

Place libations dish on the altar during the ritual.
During the time set out for it place first piece of bread/ cake in the dish and pour the wine/ juice over it saying:

I offer thee, Great Mother,
this _____ and ______,
I pray You take it with joy.
Thank You for it all.
(Here I go on to list all the things I am glad that happened since my last circle.)

Place second piece of bread/ cake in the dish and pour the wine/ juice over it saying:

I offer thee, Good Father,
this _____ and______,
I pray You take it with joy.
Thank You for it all.
(Here I say everything I am thankful for again)

Finish circle/ ritual.
Take the dish with libations to a living body of water and pour it out into it, or bury it in the earth outside.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Peaceful Home Spell

This spell is an extremely strong spell, its actual more along the lines of a ritual. It works amazingly, but this is for more extreme cases. My family had started physically to fight each other and I wrote this. It is long and complicated but it works. You must be alone in the house and before doing this ritual completely clean the entire house.


A pot to boil them in
4 pink candles
4 green candles
4 blue candles
4 white candles
Fragnipi, frankincense, lotus, and/ or rose incense*
Your altar

Place altar in the heart of the home.
In  the four indoor corners of the home place 1 of each color of candles.
Partially open every window in the house (or you will choke).
In each room place one or more of the types of incense in each room to fill it with the desired mood.*
Boil the water with all the herbs in it. 
Let it cool.
Light up everything on the altar and through the house.
Invoke the elements and the Goddess and God.
Meditate before the altar a moment.
Walk through clockwise house sprinkling the herb water chanting:

Herbs so green
Sky so blue
Make this place serene
Change the mood
Strip it of anger
Diminish the pain
Set fire to anguish
Bring it all to an end
Wash it with rain
Steal away the unrest
Leave none but  joy
Filled with peace and love
Thank You Goddess and God
So mote it be!

Go back to the altar and visualize all negative energies leaving the home. Watch the smoke form a bubble around the home, protecting it.
Meditate on what you want the relations in the home to be from now on.
When ready you can dismiss the Goddess and God and elements.
Put out everything and clean up.

*Fragnipi: to brighten the home with friendship and love
  Frankincense: to stimulate positive vibrations
  Lotus: for inner peace and outer harmony
  Rose: to return calm energies to the home

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Spiritual Journey

Ok, I know you probably are on my site just for the small rituals and spells, but rather than posting one today, I wanted to post the essay I had to do for my Comparative class (If you didn't know I am in college). I wanted to let you know my personal spiritual journey. If you dont care, then just skip over it, but for those of you who wish to know what growing up Wiccan was like for me, keep reading.

Wicca in My Life
What is religion? Is it a set of beliefs? No, religion is in fact how we practice and worship our beliefs. Few people believe the exact same thing. They may be classified under the same category but may be on two opposite spectrums. I am a Wiccan, but Wicca is one of those religions that do not have a specific book that lay out all the laws, such as Christians have the Bible. Our laws, customs, and beliefs are passed mostly through word of mouth or by reading one of the many books that are now out there. The beauty of this is that all Wiccans are a little bit different in beliefs, though the underlying basics remain the same. However, being a Wiccan, is a bit more difficult in this country especially when living in the south most of one's life, because Wicca is a form of paganism and witchcraft.
Like most people, I do not believe in the big bang theory, I believe the Goddess created the universe. What I believe about how this came about is in the beginning there was Spirit. Spirit was of pure energy and pure love. Spirit fashioned itself into the Great Goddess. The Goddess then created the Earth, as a part of her, and then all of the creatures. She became lonely after a while though, so the Great Goddess fashioned herself a mate, the God. Here is where what we call "The Wheel of the Year" starts. The Wheel of the Year is the never ending cycle of the God's death and rebirth. This cycle is also where our holidays come in.  As it is well known Wicca is a natural and season based religion and I have always celebrated it with the corresponding days, which is a bit different.
I celebrate eight holidays a year, and there are four major ones and four minor ones. The way I have always celebrated them is different though. The four major ones are Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, and Lughnassadh. Samhain is the first and is celebrated on October 31st. It signifies the death of the God, though he is growing inside the womb of the Goddess. It is also a celebration of the last harvest and my family and I always celebrated with baking bread and eating a special feast before we went trick o' treating. We usually ate the foods off of the altar after our ritual. We also had to wear the colors red, gold, and black, but not orange because it was not a true color of Samhain.  The second major Imbloc, sometimes also referred to as Candlemas, is celebrated on February. It is my belief that the God is now a young boy, playing and growing as the Great Mother Goddess recovers from giving birth. The holiday celebrates the coming of spring and the further strengthening of the sun. My mother called it our "Festival of Lights". We used to go through our house and light all of the houses lamps and candles in celebration, now that they converted to Christianity though; I just light all my candles and lamps in my room. I go through my entire house, clean up, and set goals for the future. This past one I even painted a beautiful picture in her honor. Beltaine, also known as May Day, is celebrated on May 1st is a major Sabbat. Beltane is the third of the major Sabbats and is the second most famous. The God and Goddess are getting married. We would spend hours decorating the altar in flowers, bread, eggs, and bright images of the Goddess and got to get up bright and early and dress up in bright, festive spring colors. My family and I used to make our own maypole with ribbons, usually white (for the Goddess) and red (for the God), and a giant pipe symbolize the joining of the God (pole) to the Goddess (Earth). I remember once our neighbors saw us. The daughter was one of my best friends and after her parents saw us she was forbidden from talking to me. I lost a best friend because her parents were too closed minded to accept our differences and unfortunately she wasn’t the last one. From that day I vowed to never judge or abandon someone because their views were different from mine. The last major Sabbath I celebrate, Lughnassadh, also called Lammas, is celebrated on August 1st. Unlike the rest of the Sabbats, we would celebrate this all day; Mom would even take off work before she converted. I now celebrate the first harvest alone by decorating my altar with wheat, berries, barely, fruit, oats, and bread. The God is beginning to lose his strength, though he lives on inside the Goddess's womb. This past year I baked wheat bread for my family and took my little sisters out to the woods for a picnic, all of us dressed in green, yellow, and brown. I also normally change all the decor in the house to give it a more Autumn feel, but since I was about to move I waited to put all of decorations up until I got here.
  Then comes the four minor Sabbats I celebrate, which are important, but the celebrations are not as large. The first one I celebrate is Yule, kind of like the Wiccan Christmas, and it is celebrated on the winter solstice. It represents the God's rebirth and I always found it funny how Christianity always thought it was originally their idea. I always coated my altar in evergreen plants such as pine, cedar, and rosemary.  A great tradition I always did growing up was to put candles in every window and we would turn out all the lights in the house before lighting them. It represents bringing light and strength to the Sun on the darkest night of the year. We also never used a fake tree; we tried to buy trees that we could replant when we were done with it. And we would decorate it using mostly the traditional colors like red, green, white, gold, silver, and purple. My Aunt, being a strict Catholic, found it suspicious how we celebrated a few days earlier than everyone else. Her and my mother didn’t get along until Mom converted back to Christianity. Ostara is celebrated on the spring equinox. I plan on starting a garden this upcoming one. The God is an adult and the Goddess is now fully recovered. They are completely in love and the Goddess and God have become lovers. A lot of people are creeped out by the incest and the sexual relationship before marriage. Sex is not considered a dirty desire of the flesh in my mind. The flesh and instincts are to be followed unless they involve violence and cruelty. I love decorating my hair in flowers and placing them all around my home. Ostara is in my mind the original Easter. I love dressing in extremely bright joyous colors and dancing. When I was about 11 years old my Mom bought me a book on Wicca and it taught me a new custom to do every year and I have done it every year since. Starting exactly one week before the day of Ostara, I write down every injustice or act done to friends or family and throughout this week, go back to that person and rectify everything I did wrong. What I decided to do, taking it a step further, and rectify everything I did wrong to anyone. Litha is celebrated on the summer solstice. This is another one I always tried to celebrate outside. If it was legal, my friends and I would try to throw a bonfire in honor of the God who is at the height of his strength. I used to have a gray cat that was striped like a tiger. She was somewhat of my familiar. A familiar is a pet who practices with a witch. I held a big circle and blessed her, casting protective charms for her. I had decorated the altar with vegetables, fruits, and whatever flowers are growing around my house. Normally, she eats all flowers in sight but she didn’t even bite at these. I would decorate my entire room in green and brown earthy colors. The last of the minor Sabbats, Mabon, is celebrated on the fall equinox. The God is now very weak and the Goddess is sad. We celebrated the last harvest as basically the Wiccan Thanksgiving. The altar was decorated wheat, berries, barely, fruit (especially apples), oats, bread and then other stuff like corn and pine cones. I take time to reflect over the past year and think about everything I accomplished or anything I intended to do but never got around to. Last year I meditated by a lake and asked it to bless me and wash away all of my impurities dressed in reds, browns, and oranges. This year, I have no idea what I am going to do.
I have discussed everything about what I do. Why? Why would I choose to stay practicing a religion that cost friendships? When my mother converted to Christianity, I tried it for a couple years, but I couldn't believe how different it was. I couldn’t understand how the body was evil after being brought up to believe it was a holy temple for the Goddess and God. Most importantly I couldn't understand how there could only be one supreme God who was a male. Everything in the world has a pair. I believe that the deities are the same way. It seems more logical to me. It is also a law in my belief system not to judge others for their belief system. All the things you hear about love spells and curses are also false. Wiccans are not allowed to interfere with a person's free will or harm anyone or anything. There goes the theory of animal sacrifices. I believe people only hate other religions because they are afraid. They are only afraid because they don't know and therefore don’t understand. If everyone took the time to listen to others beliefs, there would be less hatred.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Theban Script

This is something I am just learning to read and write. This picture is courteous of one of my friends, Sheldon. He is an amazing pagan, not a Wiccan but it doesn't matter, he is greatly respected. Deffinately check out his blog I hope this picture fares you well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spell for New Social Beginnings

This is for when it seems you are in a funk with everybody whether by your fault or theirs or a misunderstanding.  If you are tired of having so many enemies and want to rectify the past. This is for you. If you want to hex your enemies this is not for you and I strongly suggest you do some meditation and look within yourself. It is a two part thing.

Part 1

To be cast on a New Moon


Rosemary and Sage incense
Black candle

Cast circle using the rosemary and sage incense.
Use needle to carve all of your traits that caused these enemies to accumulate along with the other sources of these rivalries ( stupid argument over ____, jealousy, disrespect, impatience, misunderstanding, false accusations). DO NOT CARVE ANY NAMES INTO THIS CANDLE.
Light the candle and as it burns repeatedly chant:

A life of wreckage,
A life of ruin,
A life of trouble,
I have lived.
I throw it all
Away from me.
No more misery,
No more enemies.
I leave behind
All the grudges I bore.
I leave behind
All stubborn voices.
I banish them all
Far from me.
I thank thee,
Goddess and God.
So mote it be!

Note: Don't just say this chant, mean it. Truly walk away from all this.

Part 2

To be cast on a Full Moon


Pink candle
White candle
Vanilla incense

Cast circle using vanilla incense.
Carve all the names of your enemies into the pink candle.
Carve all the new traits you wish to aquire or the goals you wish to achieve that will help you into the white candle (patience, understanding, new found friendships, strength, courage, etc.).
Light candles and as they burn chant:

A life of patience,
A life of love,
A life of courage,
I bring them all to me.
With lack of ignorance,
I forgive them all.
I bring peace
And look forward
To brighter days.
I right all my wrongs.
Goddess and God
Give me strength
To be a better person.
So mote it be!

Note: As you go forward, try to watch yourself, catch yourself doing things that may lead to a bad situation and notice how much easier it is to lead a peaceful life.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have mentioned moonwater a few times and I have had a few people ask what it is. So here is how you make it.

Date: Full moon


Special container. (Mine is a black metal water bottle so no matter what the sun never hits it)
Water from a stream, lake, ocean, pond, or if you don't have access to any of these just run tap water through a filtration system.
Sea Salt

Cast circle.
Make pure water under the full moon.
Leave it on altar rest of ritual.
Leave it in a bowl in the moonlight for the rest of the night.
Get up before sun rise.
Pour into the special container.
Place in a cabinet you wont always be opening.
Ensure the Sun never hits it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Healing Meditation Circle

This is for when your body is sore or tense or feels just bad.  If possible do outside.

3 White Candles
3 Indigo Candles
3 Light Blue Candles
Charcoal tabs to burn the incense (If you so choose, or you can just the different sticks burning at once.)
Lavender incense.
Sage Incense.

Set up the nine candles in a circle large enough for you to lay down and stretch out comfortably in to look like:

Burn the incense where the smoke will be near you, not necessarily within the candles.
Light the candles and lay down within candle circle.
Take a moment to get comfortable spreading legs shoulder with apart and laying arms outward, palms up.
Then when ready, take deep breaths, inhaling the smoke and visualize the flames growing and swirling up above and below you into a sphere. While inhaling the smoke visualize it as gold healing dust, and every time you exhale picture black clouded air (like and old trucks exhaust) leaving you body. Feel it slowly fill you.
As the gold dust fills you, feel the ground drain the pain from you, leaving your muscles relaxed.
Keep laying here, meditating, thinking your everyday life without pain.

Note: I suggest putting on calming, sottheing music during this.

Overbearing Workload Riddance Spell

This spell is if you have way too much going on and have way more responsibilities than you are physically able to manage. This is for when you get to the point where it is taking on your body. This is also the first part to the total healing process. After the completion of this moving to the Healing Meditation Circle is recommended.

1 pale green candle
1 yellow candle
Cauldron/ Censer (Something to burn paper in)
Sheet of paper
A pencil

Sit before the green candle and light it.
On one piece of paper write down everything you do. All of the responsibilities you have.
Fold the paper hamburger style (I don't know the technical name).
Rip it from the folded side in half and throw into whatever you are burning in saying:

With this paper I do rip
my load does split.
With this paper I do cast
all my suffering is in the past.

Set fire to it with the candle, snuff the candle, and watch it burn.
Light the yellow candle and sit before it.
Envision the flame surrounding you in jovial energy then say:

I light my future
with freedom and joy,
barren  of troubles,
barren of burdens.
I let peace and happiness
take me over.
Thank You Goddess and God,
So mote it be!

Bury ashes or dump them into a living body of water.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Consecrating tools.

Consecration of the tools is extremely important. I don't know about you, but I let the ash collect in my incense tray. I love to do things with it, no I'm not just lazy. I also have two separate things of pure water. One has never had the sunlight hit it and is called moonwater. I like my tools to be as powerful as possible. You don't have to be as extreme in your ritual, you can take just parts of it, but that's okay. Its all about what suits you. I perform mine over the course of 15 days. Are you freaking out? Don't....yet. Just kidding.

Start day: New moon.
End date:  Full moon.

Frankincense (save the ash)
Moonwater (If you have it, but pure water works fine)
Salt/ fine sand
Your Altar
A window with an outside sill.

Bury the tools in the ground on the new moon. If it is a beautiful hand-crafted wand, coat it in something first. (I only do this part for my wand and athame and the actual permanent or semi permanent tools)
On the morning before the full moon, dig it up.
Set up the altar in the elemental fashion with these.
Cast circle
Proceed with regular Esbat ritual
Whenever time for spellcasting start this.
Take some of the ash of incense and mark the tool saying:

I consecrate and empower this (insert tool here) with the element of Air.

Hold tool above the flame, as close as possible without scorching it saying:

I consecrate and empower this (insert tool here) with the element of Fire.

Sprinkle moonwater (or pure water) on the tool saying:

I consecrate and empower this (insert tool here) with the element of Water.

Sprinkle salt/ sand on the tool saying:

I consecrate and empower this (insert tool here) with the element of Earth.

Hold the tool up into the air and proclaim:

I consecrate and empower this (insert tool here) with the element of Spirit.

I set the tool on the altar for the rest of the ritual the set it on the outside windowsill to bask in the moonlight. I then get up really early to watch the sunrise hit it. The point of this is it is being charged with both solar and lunar energies. You can use it after doing all that, but I suggest waiting until after the charging. I hope you liked my way of consecrating tools. Blessed be.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Magick/ Psychic Enhancement Jar

If you want to enhance your psychic and magick abilities during sleep, magickal working, or scrying, this is a jar of spices and herbs to take a wiff of. I warn you, it doesn't smell pretty at all. It will enhance both the physical and mental. I take a sniff of it right before I sleep almost every night and every time I want to do anything involving magickal workings.


A jar (Any jar, I have a canning jar)
A sharpie/ paint pen
Cinnamon (for dream magick)
Nutmeg (good luck)
Allspice (healing)
Ginger (lunar magick)
Basil (protection)
Fennel Seeds (spiritual healing)
Garlic (spiritual purification)
Cloves (protection)
Sage (spiritual purification)
Marjoram (protection)
Mustard seed (protection)

Draw related runes all over jar. I also put a pentacle on the top of mine. Add equal parts of everything to jar.  Shake to mix.
Each time before opening it, whisper above it:

Goddess, God
Bring me knowledge
Show me visions
Show me love
Bring my castings extra power
Goddess, God
So mote it be

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Altar Hidden in Plain Sight

When you are a teenager or in college living with intolerant people it can be hard, I know first hand. After my  mother converted with my step dad I had to learn how to hide my witch stuff. I was keeping it in a box until I  read this idea in a great book (Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf) by an amazing author. The altar hidden in plain site. You could have representative objects for the elements. It is ingenious. From then on until I moved   I had representations. Feathers in the East, kaleidoscope in the South, A water bottle filled with pure water in the west, an egg filled with fake flowers I had been given the year before for Easter (I also added rocks into it), and in the center was this musical merry-go-round with a maypole as the base. I kept it all on my bookshelf and because it just looked like a random collection of items. Only I knew what it really was. Here is a list of things you could use with a few pictures of one I created as an example and if you have more ideas, definately comment.


Dreamcatcher with feathers on it
A drawing of anything air related.


Any source of light
Hand warmers (Those things you rub together)
A drawing of anything fire related


A water bottle
Picture of the sea
A drawing of anything water related


Garden gnome
Fake or real flower display
a canister filled with rocks (tell them you are starting a collection)
A drawing of anything Earth related.

Representing The Goddess and God

A maypole with a merry-go-round on it
A statue of a woman and a man
A statue of a woman
Barbie and ken dolls
A drawing of the Goddess and God

 This is an example of a bedside altar. I did not have my kaleidoscope to recreate the one I used to have. I used my favorite lamp. The picture used to stand up but the frame broke, and the feathers were at the base of it.

You can pretty much use anything. I love it also because it brings a personal touch to the altar. When I say drawing I really mean any artwork. I love to paint. You can keep these anywhere. If you set it up right and use a lamp, it would make a neat bedside table. Its all about creativity. Just remember, dedication has its rewards in the end.
I also seriously suggest doing the following by PagansPathway. Sheldon is an excellent writer and a good friend of mine. He knows what he is talking about and if you are doing a inconspicuous altar, it will need protection, so, I highly recommend taking the extra time to do this one. Pagans Pathway Altar Protection
If you are viewing this then you are most likely in the broom closet and if you did not know I did start a on youtube called the Broom Closet Diaries. Please check it out.
May the Goddess and God guide you in love and light. Blessed be.

Tea for Sleep

This is for those nights it seems impossible to sleep.  My little sister used to have to drink this just to get to sleep at night. I mixed this together one night a long time ago and have always used it since.


Tea kettle (or something to make the tea in, a pot works)
Water to fill kettle
2 pouches chamomile tea (depends on how favored you like it)
1 pouch peppermint tea (also depends)
1 pint Grape juice
Mug or cup to drink it out of.

Heat tea water
Trow the tea bags in with the water when kettle is almost screaming.
Wait until it screams then take it away from the heat and allow to steep for about 3 minutes.
Fill mug 3/4 of the way with tea.
Fill the rest with grape juice

Note: If you are listening to high energy music you might want to sit, change the station, and relax.

Spell for Clearing Internal Struggles

I wrote this for my friend when they couldn't get past this thing going on in their life. They couldn't figure out what to do and there was two options tearing at their insides. This could work on simple matters or matters as extreme as that.


Cauldron or a Censer (large enough to burn paper)
A piece of paper
A silver pen/ marker/paint/ crayon (whatever writes)
A white candle

Light the candle and sit before it using only its light.
Write the situation on the paper and the choices you have.
Fold the paper as small as possible.
Set it in your cauldron and set fire to it with the white candle.
As it burns say:

As I write
clear my trouble.
Let me see light
barren of rubble.
Hear my plea.
So mote it be!

Bury the ashes or sprinkle them into a live body of water. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Book of Shadows, Grimoire, and Divination Journal

Every witch, Wiccan or. not, has a Book of Shadows where they record everything. If you are me, then you have a binder with all the hard information (charts, legends, etc.) in it and then basically a Grimoire where I keep all my rituals I designed, all spells I cast (whether I wrote them or not but if I didn't I credit who did), recipes, and other how-to stuff. I also keep a dream and divination journal. So that is 3 books. Organization is very important. A lot of people keep it all on the computer or type and print it all out. But my computer is very tempermental so I hand write everything out (besides I feel it gives it a little oompf).

The Book of Shadows

Title page with your name on it. Make it pretty and interesting.
Have a copy your dedication ritual and date in there (Some people put it after the Table of Contents, I put it before. I also have this copied into all 3 of my books.)
Table of Contents (You will want to know where stuff is.)
Legends of the Goddess and God
Tools and Symbols (I keep mine in my Grimoire)
Runes (I keep this also in my Grimiore)
Correspondence tables and other data.(Moon phases, herbs (their properties, history of use, magical usage), Stones and Crystals, Colors, Incenses, etc.)


Title Page
Dedication Ritual
Table of Contents
Tools and Symbols (This can go in the BoS instead)
Runes (can also go in BoS)
Copy of the layout of your altar
Ritual Bath
Creating Sacred Space
How to Cast a circle
Esbat Ritual
Sabbat Rituals
Spells and Recipes (leave room to record the turn out)

Dream and Divination Journal

This is just where I record my dreams daily and my results from scrying. It is no less important though. I go back and highlight things after they happen. I do still have a copy of my dedication and a pretty Title Page.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Calming Tea

This tea is fantastic right before meditation or when you just need to calm down. It is not my recipe. I got it from my mom who got it from one of her friends.

1 part sage
1 part chamomile
1 part marjoram
1 part thyme

It doesn't taste great but it really works.

Headache Teas

I frequently get bad headaches and these teas are fantastic for helping with them:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Recommended Reading

These are all books I've read personally and can say they all have great information here and there. As a witch it is important to read everything you can, even though you may not agree with ALL the book says. It doesn't matter if you are just picking Wicca up or have been practicing your entire life like me. It does not matter if you are 80 years old or 13 years old, I highly suggest you still read all of these books. Here is the list:

The Wiccaning by Sister Moon
Women's Rituals by Barbara G. Walker
Witchin' by Fiona Horne
Where to Park Your Broomstick by Lauren Manoy
Wicca by Scott Cunningham
Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham
Witch Crafting by Phyllis Curott
Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf
City Magick by Christopher Penczak
Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison
Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland
Symbolism of Color of Ellen Conroy
Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation  by Silver Ravenwolf

Other good books to have on hand and at least flip through:

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, & Brews by Scott Cunningham
Wicca A to Z by Gerina Dunwhich
Wicca Source Book by Gerina Dunwich
Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft by Rosemary Ellen Guiley ( I have the Second Edition)
Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf
Yule by Dorothy Morrison

Casting a Circle

Note: Try to find a quiet peaceful place where you wont be disturbed during your casting.
Precircle Preparation: Take a Ritual bath and create sacred space. Try to memorize the routine before doing it. If not, keep your BOS out on You altar, or a stand, so you may look upon it when needed.

      Your Altar (unless this a spontaneous outside circle you did, when overwhelmed by Nature's beauty)
      Red or Orange Candle
      Pure Water
      Salt/ sand/ rocks
      8 or 12 rocks depending on circle size

Set up circle to look like:

Starting from the East, hold out wand and walk clockwise around the circle while envisioning a faint purple light exiting the wand saying: 

I conjour thee, O Great Circle of Power,
So that you will be for me a boundary
between the world of men and the realm of mighty spirits,
a meeting place of perfect love, trust, peace and joy,
containing the powers I raise within thee.
In the name of the Lady and Lord,
thus do I conjour thee,
O Great Circle of power.

Stand before the altar now and declare:

Thus my circle cast,
no act goes unnoticed
not in accord with me.
So mote it be!

Walk to the East corner (moving only clockwise) and stand before the incense, lighting it while saying:

I call on the Angels of the East,
Powers of Air,
Where the sun rises,
Powers of wonder and imagination,
Powers of clarity and communication,
Powers of music and dawn breaking,
Powers of breezes blowing and birds singing,
I invite you to this my circle.
Hail and welcome!

Move to the South and light candle while saying:

I call on the Angels of the South,
Powers of Fire,
Where the sun is high in the midday sky,
Powers of passion and determination,
Powers of courage and devotion,
Powers of bonfires burning,
Powers of trial and transformation,
I invite you into this my circle.
Hail and welcome!

Move to the West and hold hands above water while saying:

I call on the Angels of the West,
Powers of Water,
Where the sun sets,
Powers of love and compassion,
Powers of feeling and dreaming,
Powers of the Mother's Womb,
Powers of deep oceans and gentle rains,
I invite you to this my circle,
Hail and welcome!

Move to the North and hold hands above the salt/ sand/ rocks while saying:

I call on the Angels of the North,
Powers of Earth,
Where mystery dwells,
Powers of fertility and creativity,
Powers of groundedness and strength,
Powers of fertile fields
Powers of verdant plains and rich forests,
I invite you to this my circle,
Hail and welcome!

Walk back to the altar and pick up the athame. Starting in the East, hold up the athame and "cut" an opening between this world and the realm of the spirits. Upon arriving back at the East, walk back to the altar and light the Goddess and God candles while saying:

Great Lady and Lord,
Below and above
This circle is filled
With your divine light and love
Great Mother and Good Father
Watch here over me
And let nothing bother.
So mote it be!

Take a moment here to meditate before the altar and feel Their presence along with the presence of the Guardians of the elements. SEE how they are there with you. 
Here is the point in the circle where energy is raised by singing, dancing, chanting,etc. 
Then you cast spells if you have any needing casting.
Direct remaining energies by charging an object or grounding.
Make libations and meditate on the energies sent out. Focus on the actions you hope will ensue then say:

Holy Mother, take this, the energy I have raised to the Universe,
and allow my wills to manifest.
Bless and protect me on my journey through life.
May this working not reverse or place upon me any curse,
and may all astrological correspondences be correct for this working.
With harm to none,
So mote it be!

Closing the Circle

Stand before altar and say:

Lady and Lord
As above so below
To and from You
All things flow.
To the mighty Goddess 
And God that be,
With graditude and praise,
So mote it be!

Snuff Goddess and God Candles.
Walk to North corner and say:

Angels of North, element of Earth,
Thank you for your participation in this ritual.
Go if you must, stay if you like.
Hail and farewell.

Move to West corner and say:

Angels of West, element of Water,
Thank you for your participation in this ritual.
Go if you must, stay if you like.
Hail and farewell.

Move to South corner and say:

Angels of South, element of Fire,
Thank you for your participation in this ritual.
Go if you must, stay if you like.
Hail and farewell.

Move to East corner and say:

Angels of East, element of Air,
Thank you for your participation in this ritual.
Go if you must, stay if you like.
Hail and farewell.

Walk to altar and pick up the wand. Walk counter- clockwise, drawing the light back in. 
Stand before the altar once more and declare:

This circle is open, but ever unbroken,
carried forever in my heart.
So mote it be!

Ground yourself then clean up. A lot of people eat after a circle. I is something called the "Simple Feast". I usually only do them on Esbats and Sabbats. It is your personal preference.

Hope you have learned and maybe even found pieces to include in your personal circle routine. Have a wonderful day. Blessed be.